Sugar Industry Products

We are a leading Wholesale Trader of spares for batch and continuous centrifugal machine, automation system for batch and continuous centrifugal, stork veco nickel screens, rotary vacuum filter and spares, juice clarifier and spares and raw juice screens from Delhi, India.

Spares For Batch And Continuous Centrifugal Machine


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Automation Components :

Control Valves for Steam, Pneumatic Solenoid Valves and air Cylinders, Manifolds, Super Heated Wash Water System & Spares, Pneumatically Actuated Ploughs, (Scrapper, Tension set, Tension Ring etc.) Butterfly type-Pug Mill Gates and Syrup Separators, Pneumatic cylinders Brake, Tilting Chute, Charger Regulator / MTC, Flow Control Valve, Timers, Micro Fog Lubricator, Filter, Regulator, Lubricator, Spare Seal Kit for various Solenoid valves and Cylinders etc.


Mechanical Components :


Bearing Housing, Shaft, Product Distributors, Guide Rings, Distribution Plates, Brake Drum, Bottom Lifting Hood, Pulleys, Bottom Cone, Tension Rings, Polyurethane Star for Couplings, S.S. Clamps, Damping Pads, S.S. Backing Screens, Pot Sleeves, V. Seal, Rubber Hose, Rubber Flap Valve, Teflon Hoses, GLYCODUR, Tension Sets, Coupling, Pin Bush etc, brake assembly.


Spare for all Makes :

Make Continuous M/C Batch Type M/C
NHEC NK -1100, NK -1500 NG-700, 1250, 1500 NC-1750
KRUPP SC-1100, SC-1350KT KC-1100, KC-1500 KB -750, 1000, 1250, 1500 & 1750 KG
WIL WK-1150, WK-1350 WK-1500, DC -10 WIL – 750, 1000 WIL-V-1250, V-1500,V-1750
KCP KCP-1100, KCP-1500 We Specialize in Spares for KCP-D412, KCP-2512

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Automation System For Batch And Continuous Centrifugal


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Super Heated Wash Water System :


The SHWW is generated by boiling point reduction principle, So that water remains in liquid stage even at temperatures above 100°C when left to atmosphere (in the centrifugal) through nozzles. A soft washing by water at 100°C and steam at +20°C (temperatures of SHWW kept at 120°C) achieves efficient washing of molasses of sugar crystals.

Advantages :


  • Early release of molasses layer from Sugar Crystal.

  • Reduction in total cycle time.

  • Less Quantity of water required.

  • Less Quantity of molasses.

  • Better Luster to Sugar.

  • Temperature of Sugar dropped (Control on Temperature).

  • Reduction in Quantity of steam consumption.

Auto Transient Heater Rapimaster :


RapimasterTM generates low temperature vapours under vacuum. These vapours then heat the massecuite. Vapours condense and are again heated to vapours stage in the closed loop. Heating media for generation of vapours is steam. This Steam never comes in contact with massecuite. The operation is automatic.


Advantages :


  • Pump Motor Set not required.

  • Fully automatic operational.

  • Pug-mill can be eliminated.

  • Minimum space required.

  • Control over Temperature of out going massecuite.

  • Shock heating ensured.

Pneumatic Plough Assembly :


Salient Features :


  • Pneumatically Operated.
  • Stainless steel main shaft, thus longer life and minimized bending problems.
  • Scrapper Tips as per client requirements.


Advantages :


  • Faster discharging and hence improved cycle time.

  • Clean and complete scraping of all types of sugars.

  • The Discharger has push button overrides and can also be worked manually by just pressing the push button.


Models :


Available for all makes of centrifugal machine viz. KRUPP, NHEC, Walchandnagar with machine capacity ranging from 750Kg to 1750 Kg Charge.

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Stork Veco Nickel Screens


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Continuous Centrifuge Screen for Sugar Industry :

STORK VECO is the world's largest manufacturer & original developer of high quality Nickel Screen with over 65 years of electroforming experience. Their continuous product development aiming cost reduction & process optimization in the sugar industry provides efficient screening solution to the modern sugar factories.


Veco Standard Screen :

Slot SizeOpen Area (app.)Total Thickness


Special Features :

These screens are of higher thickness therefore they give minimum 20% more life than thinner screens.


  • Reduction in slot size reduces final molasses purity and increases sugar yield.

  • More open area hence more output per cycle.


Veco flux special - premium range of screens


Having more than double open area :


It can be used with 0.06 slot width to increase throughput by 150% or with 0.04 slot to capture the tiniest sugar crystal with same throughput & colour, to reduce final molasses purity.


Slot SizeOpen Area Total Thickness
.04X 1.199.90%.33 mm
.04X 1.1915.00%.33 mm
.09x1.2122.70%.33 mm

Some users of veco flux screen in india :


The quality we manufacture reflects in the high level of customer satisfaction we have earned, Some of our esteemed satisfied clients are:-


  • Daurala Sugar Mills

  • Ponni Sugars Mills - ERODE

  • Dhampur Sugar & Mansurpur Sugars

  • Jawahar SSK - Maharashtra

  • EID- Pugallur

  • Shakumbari Sugar Mills

  • UNN Sugar Complex & Shamli Sugar Mills


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Rotary Vacuum Filter And Spares


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Spares for all Makes:

Rotary Valves: The valves are manufactured to suit the requirements of all zones viz. Washing, suction, discharge, etc. We offer both fixed bridge and moving bridge design of valves. MOC can be G.M./Stainless Steel/ CIRON.

Stainless Steel Perforated Screens: Having 625 holes / sq. inch, with 20% open area. The perforated portion is decided as per the O.E.'s design of filter.The screens are made from S.S. 304 sheet duly annealed and stress relieved after the manufacturing process.The screen comes in various widths and lengths.

Polypropylene Deckings :

Open lattice Polypropylene decking grids are over specialty.We have the maximum range of this decking in India and other  thickness from 10mm upto 45mm suitable for Coarse Media Separation, for sugar generally used thickness is 16 or 20mm.

The standard sized available are :

  • 12”x254”
  • 24”x254”
  • 13”x20”
  • 16”x18”
  • 16”x24”
  • 12”x25” etc.

Divisional Strips / Dovetail Strips:

We have all designs of brass divisional strips which use Zig Zag strips as locking elements. We also offer dovetail strips (OMEGA Section) for P.P. Grids filter in all heights from 15mm to 50mm suitable for matching caulking rubber strips which are used for tightening screws.

Mud Scraper Assembly :

We offer segmented design of scrapper assembly, with an option to increase or decrease the clearance of part length of scraper depending on cake formation zone. This enhances the life of filling media.

All other spares are available.

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Juice Clarifier And Spares


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Cane Juice Clarifer :

We are an eminent supplier and exporter of Juice Clarifier & Spares parts extensively used in sugar industry. With lower maintenance cost and best industry prices we offer our clients high quality juice Clarifiers that are employed in separating out the solids suspended in the cane juice.

Spares available for all makes of Clarifier.

  • Drive head
  • Centre Shaft
  • Dosing System
  • Flash Tank
  • Telescopic
  • Valves
  • Mud Boots
  • Squeezers Sealing Rings are readily available

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Raw Juice Screens


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Streamlined Wedge Bar Stationary Screens :

The Low cost stationary devices form the most versatile system for the separation of fiber and screening of mixed cane juice at the primary stage. The screens are manufactured of long prismatic bars with spacing of 1 mm to 0.25 mm, curvature of 45 or any predetermined angles in the length of 1600 mm/1700mm and in various widths of 1829 mm (6'), 2134 mm (7') and 2440 (8') upto 10 feet width. Choice of bar spacing is used for the first screening of raw juice, and less than 0.5 mm for secondary screening. The screen can be used from both sides. The equipment can be installed either on the mill or on the walk way. Sugar Mills are using screens of 0.7 mm on primary juice and 0.35 mm to 0.5 spacing for secondary juice.

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Equipments And Systems


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Pressure reducing system :

Pressure reducing valves with isolating & by oasis valves complete with specific design considerations, ibr formalities forms a system which maintains constant stream pressure irrespective if demand variations. It produces very low noise. It also facilitates remote setting.

Desuperheating station :
Specially designed vessel, location of spray, superfine atomization of water spray all collectively provides perfect desuperheating.

Sulphur Burner
Adjustable rate of combustion, zero sublimation, leakproof/chokeless melt valves & pumps, state of arts sulpher melter with easy cleaning access, no leakage of gas, no flashing .

Capacity (kg/hr. )
- 35, 50, 70, 100, 140, 200

'Waste heat recovery / electrical heating system is optional.

Milk of lime station :

Lime Slaker :

State of an art design ensures optimum slaking, maximum slaking of lime and removal of completely washed stones .

lime classifier woth screw type grit conveyor :

Koran type classifier helps proper mixing and removes grit screw type conveyor .

Vibro-Screen :

Ensures separation of fine grit and in turn useful to reduce scaling on evaporators .

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Waste Heat Recovery System


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Film type Sulpher burner with Waste Heat Recovery System:

  • No external steam supply required.
  • Savings of live steam and hence bagasse .
  • Independent vapor generation equipment.
  • Fast heating without any wastage of heat energy.
  • Self regulating optimum vapor generation.
  • Negligible Maintenance.
  • Most economical.

Continuous Sulpher Burner With Waste Heat Recovery System :

  • No external steam supply required .
  • Savings of live steam and hence bagasse .
  • Independent vapor generation equipment.
  • Fast heating without any wastage of heat energy.
  • Self regulating optimum vapor generation.
  • Negligible Maintenance.
  • Most economical.

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Centrifugal Working Screens


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We offer both round/OBLONG hole for efficient separation of sugar crystal. Screens are available in Brass, Copper & Stainless Steel.

Screens are offered with and without precisions cut lap lock joints as per customer's requirement.

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Backing / Supporting Screen


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Supporting Screen come in either dovex type or strapped hole type depending on type of machine. Also we offer tubular bridge supporting screen which offer advantage of very high open area.

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Stainless Steel Perforated Screens


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Having 625 holes/ sq. inch. with 20% open area. The perforated portion is decided as per the O.E.'s design of filter.

The screens are made from S.S 304 sheet duly annealedd and stress relieved after the manufacturing process.

The screen comes in various widths and lengths.

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Wedge Bar Screens (DSM) screens


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We offer screens for stationary / Rotary raw juice filtration systems.

Slit opening=0.25mm to 2mm
MOC = S.S. 304, SS 316
Width= From 4Ft to 12 Ft
Length= As per requirement

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Accudose Dosing Pumps


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ACCUDOSE pumps are motorized self reciprocating positive displacement plunger type pumps having micro metric adjustment facility for high accuracy feeding of any type of fluid varying from neural to acid to alkalies. These pumps are also used for transferring fluids which are difficult to handle.


Material of wet parts:


Is selected on the basis of nature of fluid to be handled. Material available are SS304, SS316 polypropylene, ptfe, alloy 20 & hastelloy.


Special Features:



  • Adjustable stroke 0 to 100% while in operation or at rest.
  • Suitable for any nature of liquid chemicals, flocculants etc.
  • Consistent accurate dosage & least. Maintenance.
  • Can be operated with 4-20 mamp Signal – Optional


Models Capacities Pressure
AD = 10 AD = 30 AD = 120 AD = 300 0 – 15 LPH 0-300 LPH 0-1200 LPH 0-3000 LPH Normal 3.4 to 10 kg/cm2 Higher upto 400 kg/cm2


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Vectra Centrifugal Working Screens


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